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Acupuncture Facial rejuvenation

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation or acupuncture facelift, is a procedure using acupuncture needle to stimulate energy flow to the face and revitalize facial muscle and skin. Acupuncture facelift is a holistic and natural way for facial rejuvenation. It brings beauty as well as general health to entire person.

Acupuncture facelift consists of two closely related two parts. First, acupuncture needling precisely targets and dissolves tension in facial acupoints, relaxes muscles spasm, improves weakened muscle tone, promotes facial blood circulations and triggers the production of collagen in the facial skin matrix. Second, beauty is more than skin deep. In the first visit, Dr. Chen will evaluate your general health conditions and give the whole body treatment if it is necessary during the facial procedure. This is an important step to improve the facial skin texture.

How fast does it work?
You begin to feel the result immediately. General speaking, after six to eight visits, you will begin to see a lessening of wrinkles and facial lines. It will take longer in some cases because of individual condition, such as constitution (foundation), age, etc.

Does it have permanent benefits?
Benefits are permanent so long as you participate in the maintenance program after the initial twelve visits. Acupuncture facelift does not stop your biological clock. However, it does slow down the aging process and turns the light back on your face.
What is the difference between acupuncture facelift and plastic surgery or botox?
Fine lines are erased or softened and deeper wrinkles are less noticeable in a subtle way after acupuncture facelift than a surgical facelift or botox. Surgery or botox creates artificial image. Acupuncture facelift helps to maintain the natural character of a person’s face. Acupuncture facelift slows down the signs of aging through revitalizing the skin and tissue below it. Surgery and botox do not stop the aging process and do not stimulate the energy flow to restore life to your face.

Is acupuncture facelift painful?
Dr. Chen’s technique is different from the most acupuncturists. He uses very thin needles in his facial procedures. In fact, the needles are so small that he has to use a tweezer to insert the needles. Some people may have the feeling of increased circulation but generally it is pain free. There is no chemical or knife involved. So it is safe and there is no trauma.

The benefits of acupuncture facelift go beyond the face:
Acupuncture facelift deals with cause as well as “symptoms”. Each individual is unique and may have different cause for the “wisdom creases”. Therefore, acupuncture procedure must be custom tailored to the individual’s conditions. Since the majority of meridians in the body go up to head and face, the acupuncture on the face will affect the related meridians, resulting in enhanced healing and better health. The most common positive side effects of acupuncture facelift are relieving headache, PMS, stress, depression and constipation, improving sinuses and digestion.